Friday, December 16, 2011

"Arizona Republic News; The New Pravda"

I just saw something ugly today on The Arizona Republic On Line Newspaper.  The Republic was streaming as one-inch  Banner at the top of the page trumpeting The Obama Open Borders Machine report on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's treatment of illegal invaders.

Yes, I knew that The Arizona Republic is owned by the ultra liberal Gannett Corporation.  Yes, I knew that the Arizona Republic has carried on a decade-long campaign in support of Illegal Amnesty and Open  Borders.  Yes, I was aware of the newspaper's active censorship of crime news to suppress reports on illegal criminal activity.  I also knew that this liberal rag hates Sheriff Joe because he is the leading national law enforcement officer trying to stop the invasion.

However, I did not think that the Arizona Republic would ever turn toward bastardizing their first amendment protections and turn into a total propaganda machine in order to champion illegal immigration and amnesty.  When I saw that huge streaming news banner on their news site this morning I realized that they have decided to abandon all effort of objective reporting.

That  big streaming news banner trumpeting Eric Holder's attack on Sheriff Joe recalled the old printing history of Pravda, the old Russian newspaper who published propaganda rot as the press arm of communist dictators.

I stopped subscribing to the Republic after writing them numerous letters attacking their failure to objectively report the news and offered them dozens of specific instances where they actually censored the news to present of more favorable impression of illegal invaders.

Just this week alone we have seen this newspaper fail to report on hispanic crime, close off their community comment to illegal crime reports and write, within the last three weeks, acres of news print  bemoaning the suffering illegals are forced to endure after invading our homeland.

Illegals continue to hit and run down our pedestrians and motorists, continue to drive without a license or auto insurance, continue to saturate our hospital emergency rooms, continue to rob us, continue to invade and burglarize and terrorize our citizens, continue to empty out food banks that are meant for America's poor, continue to use anchor  babies to get WIC, Welfare, Section 8 housing.  And they continue to sap the life out of our school system with their illegal kids who attend without charge.

Now the Arizona Republic is throwing a huge orgasmic party championing the phony federal charges against Sheriff Joe's efforts to run these illegal bastards out of our state.  That huge streaming news banner the Republic ran this morning signaled the total collapse of ethical and objective news reporting in Arizona.

For God's sake Arizona, boycott this liberal rag of a newspaper that is truly more like Pravda as each year passes!

For those who are not alarmed by these events, I urge you to read the following:


PammieJean said...

Joe's got guts. I'm all for him. I don't think there is anyone else in the US who stands up against this. Well, one other person....the one who signed that bill into action in Arizona...darn the name escapes me. Is it Gov. Brewer?

My son's car got totaled in a rear ender. Luckily he was not injured. The car that hit him took off. One guess as to who was driving. A witness tried to follow the getaway car but lost him. They got the license number but, guess what, it was phoney.

JustCommonSense said...

PammieJean; there is not a day goes by that someone is not a victim of hit and run, either on the roads or in crosswalks. Don't know if you remember when you were here but when they put the city train in the illegals kept getting hit by the trains because they couldn't read the signs.