Wednesday, April 26, 2017

One More Word (or Two) On Bill O'Reilly


If any of you are feeling sorry for Bill O'Reilly...don't.  First of all, the guy has racked up hundreds of millions in his nearly twenty year run.  Secondly, I guarantee you he'll get a slot on another cable network if he chooses.  The media outlets are no less "corporate whore" than Exxon or IBM....they will hire anyone who they believe will boost their ratings.

Let me be a bit prophetic here.  O'Reilly, if he doesn't retire, will sign a multi-million dollar deal with one of those mega radio companies who either own, or are affiliated with 500 radio stations across the nation.  Then he and Limbaugh can fight it out for whose the biggest fish in the pond.

Then, following a die-down in the din of liberal outrageousness, some cable company will sign old Bill to a rich contract....and he'll haul in millions of viewers and viewer dollars for the corporate whores who sponsor him.

Incidentally, if you've ever labored under the illusion that corporations have either heart, or ethics, you'd be horribly wrong.  Any one of them would contract out a hit on their mothers if it meant an extra 1 percent of profit margin.

I'm almost sure that the only loser in the Fox-O'Reilly matter will be Fox News.  Not many conservative viewers have left O'Reilly, despite the massive assault on his character, and the long line of females who cried sexism.   Slick Willie is no less popular for dropping his zipper in the Oval Office and you have to realize we just elected a guy who harbored an urge for "pussy grabbing", so don't get caught up in the morality of this thing, kiddies.

So, if you've been thinking of setting up a Go Fund Me page for Mr. O'Reilly, I urge instead that you send any money you can spare to this "Modest Scribbler".  In return I promise to keep my groping to the minimum.


Frank Krzesowiak said...

It seems to me, being a Celebrity warps oneself into thinking that you have carte blanche to do whatever you want, including rape, molestation, "grabbing pussy", and hitting on every good looking girl on the planet and expecting them to respond positively. It doesn't matter if your Democrat or Republican, celebrity/wealth deludes you into thinking everyone wants you. Guess what? They don't want you. They want your wealth. So maybe these guys ought just offer every woman they want to sleep with a million dollars and a non disclosure agreement. Save everybody a lot of time although the Lame Street Media won;t like it. O'reilly's failings are BIG news. Anything that knocks a Republican from their perch, is BIG NEWS. Sad.

A Modest Scribler said...

Just good old fashioned hubris, Frank. Yep, hubris knows no political affiliation. With regard to accruing "sleepovers", I'm totally in agreement with you...though I don't believe you have to go that high. $100k a night for the really, really juicy ones, 1k a night for the non-famous beauties. And leave everyone the hell alone at the work place!