Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Earth Day


Last Saturday was Earth Day.  Just my two cents on celebrating it.
Let's honor the earth by employing every means to keep her healthy.... solar, wind energy, fusion technologies, etc. But let us all also keep a level head. There are people who would have us surrender our entire lifestyles and fall down and worship nature only.
Well, "man" is also nature and he has built wondrous things, improved the life spans of billions, healing the sick and feeding the multitudes in greater measure than at any time in our history.
Let us look at every societal assertion with a degree of skepticism, especially those people and organizations who derive their livelihood from government grant, for they will only ever mouth the words of our government masters...and we know those masters are never to be trusted.
Fifty years ago, Professor Paul Ehrlich wrote a book called "The Population Bomb", sponsored by government grants and with government's blessing. He said that, if we continued to populate at those current rates we would all live in a vast wasteland, would face massive societal upheaval and would starve to death in the 1990's. Since Ehrlich wrote that book the population has doubled and more people are fed today than when that book was written. Just saying......maintain a skeptical eye at the climate change folks who say we're all going to be swimming for our lives in 2050...their salaries are paid by folks who have a personal interest in promoting their own agendas.
That doesn't mean we earth people aren't stupid. As gas prices fall we see the same old groups buying gas guzzling cars, paying no attention to the fluorocarbons they are spewing into the atmosphere. We still have corporations who value profit margin over the environment. And, even as we speak we still have oil tankers that are not double hulled and highly susceptible to spilling a million gallons of oil into still pristine waters.
Earth Day to me has always been a celebration of the God given gifts all about us. I have lived in Hawaii, where the air is as pure as any on earth, and loved drinking in the sea-fresh air of the tradewinds. I've both flown over, and driven through The Great Smoking Mountains...that vast multi-state, forest of millions of trees....home of 130 different species....more trees there than in all of Europe...and held my breath in wonder at the majesty of it all. Wherever I've travelled in the world...whether in Asia, or Europe, or over the vastness of Arabian desert, and I've always been impressed by man's ability to adapt to any environment.
So, for the naysayers, for the folks who pray for the deaths of a billion people....necessary they say to save the earth...for the people who say we've simply got to stop eating meat and sustain ourselves with grains, who say we all ought to be walking wherever we go, I say "screw you"...."we'll find a way...we always do". 
Our destiny will always be in the hands of our Creator...and His only. And we are still around because he instills in us the heart and intelligence necessary to overcome our challenges and persevere in an ever changing world.
Happy Earth Day. (Now go out an pick up a gum wrapper, turn off that damn light in the closet, shut the water off when you'r brushing your teeth, and plant a tree. I can tell you that's doing far more than those pols in Washington have ever done.)


Jerry Carlin said...

Happy Earth Day to you too! I have not seen a "Keep Oregon Green" poster is 30 years! What is the deal with that? These signs used to be every 10 miles along our freeways and highways
now replaced with garbage strewn along the roadside! I am certainly not after a Hippy macro-diet takeover of the Earth, but a little RESPECT would be nice!

A Modest Scribler said...

Yep, picking up after ourselves would be an easy first step, Jerry. And I totally agree...that Aretha Franklin ditty is just fitting.