Thursday, September 29, 2016

Vote Harvesting


I was out running errands this afternoon, tuned into National Public Radio and was listening to a short report about voting concerns.  Of course, being NPR, the entire focus was on liberal concerns; that old Putin over there in Russia will put his computer hackers to work and electronically send a million or so Hillary votes over to The Donald.  

Second on the liberal wonk's concern list was again Putin; that he might release some really serious dirt on Hillary...mined from 33,000 "lost" emails.

While I was listening to these tales of woe a rather more viable point got my attention.  It seems the U.S. National Election Commission has found that nearly 20% of the voter rolls are wrong....either folks had changed addresses and not updated their voter info, or, in other instances the commission found folks who had voted in multiple states, or in states where they were not registered to vote, had been declared dead by the Social Security Commission, but had somehow managed to cast a vote years after their demise, and perhaps most frightening, voters whose principle address turned out to be in Mexico.

Those ill tidings reminded me of a state court decision last week right here in Arizona.   A couple of years ago the Arizona Statehouse passed a law precluding the practice of "vote harvesting".  It seems Democrats, many of them transplants from California, had made a highly organized effort to collect votes from folks either too stupid, too uncaring or too lazy to mail in those yellow early ballots that came in their mail box."What a shame", said the Dems...we need to do something about this".  So they got some Soros money, and some labor union money, and they went out and bought bottles of wine and thousands of whole chocolate cakes, then showed up at the door of likely non-voters.  If they found the resident inclined to vote Republican they thanked him for his time and moved on, with their cake and their wine.  But, when they came to a house that was sympathetic to liberal causes, out came the cake and vino, a black ball point pen to help them fill out the ballot, then carried those ballots to the mail box.  That's how "vote harvesting" went down in Arizona.   And, lest you think those Dems helped the Republican stay-at-homes fill out their Republican choices, well, you might think it a bit fishy that someone found thousands of those mail in ballots meant to elect a Republican....wait for it! a dumpster out near Tempe!  (Democrat votes only please!)  I understand that in Nevada and Colorado and other potential swing states vote harvesting can be even more elaborate...and rewarding for any liberal sitting on the electoral fence!    Just this week I read that Colorado libs might harvest votes with the promise of free pot!  (and I don't mean kitchenware).

Well, last week a state appeals judge denied a Democratic Party challenge to the law, and upheld the state law against vote harvesting.  The judge thought those going out and soliciting ballots for goodies was just a bit too much.  

Don't you all find it ironic that liberals can't seem to avoid cheating, even as they offer just loads of government bennies to win those votes?  Isn't there something wrong with their basic political philosophies if they can't win on the issues?  Yes, voter fraud is alive and well.  Government "vote buying" already thrives amid the "47% folks", coming straight from that long government gravy train throwing food stamp cards and green checks from the balcony on the back caboose!    In Ohio they win votes with free Obamaphones, in the Southwest they win them by allowing illegal Mexicans to vote, in the ghetto they win them over by promising four more years of serious ass-kissing.  Why are all those ruses not enough?  

Could it possibly be that liberals can't win if they don't cheat?  That's a rhetorical question, folks.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


TheRandyGuy said...

I had not heard about this, but living in CA, it's not likely to make the news. Libs tell us constantly that "vote fraud is a myth perpetrated by the right wing that can't win elections on the issues". Dumping R votes in the trash isn't vote fraud? Well, we're about 7 weeks away from another Presidential election, and the stakes are predictably high. So much so, that as the polls tighten, what happened in AZ could well happen in other "close" jurisdictions. The anger and divide in America is at least as profound as in the Vietnam era, with one difference: The right wing is just as mad as the left now. If it is ever shown that R votes wound up in the trash, don't look for the burning and looting of liquor stores and shoe shops. The anger and punishment will be much more targeted and that should worry everybody.

A Modest Scribler said...

Yes, the voting process is getting quite hairy, Randy. I did run a bit of research before writing this. This vote harvesting is gaining popularity in many states, some just honestly trying to encourage voting, some with nasty and devious intent in mind. Thanks for your comments.

Brian Kalifornia said...

Recently I stopped at one of oturdo's free phone tents pitched in Oak Park area of Sacramento. It said "FREE PHONES". So me, being a cheap SOB, I decided to attempt to get one. I rolled up on my motorcycle and sauntered up the little fella behind the table. Told him I would like a free phone. He said I needed to fill some bs paperwork that showed I was receiving some kind of guvment assistance.

I told him I didn't receive any assistance, that I preferred to work and take care of myself and family. When I said that, he cocked his head and gave me a weird look, kind of like "why". I smiled and asked what paperwork do I need to fill out since I don't receive assistance. He stated there was no paperwork. I replied, great can I have my phone then.

He again told me I needed to be on welfare, disability, SSI, or some kind of assistance. I replied "are you discriminating against me because I have morals and ethics and choose to work and not be a parasite on society and take advantage of the system like most of the people receiving guvment handouts. I'd prefer not to take hard working American's tax dollars because I was lazy? He stood there and looked at me not knowing how to respond. Inside I was giggling like a little girl, but stood there with a serious expression.

I asked him if he had paperwork outlining the requirements to get a phone. He said no but I could go online and find them, I told him there are a lot of things I could do online and that would not be one of them. I continued for another ten minutes or so busting his balls asking for a supervisor, how it's unfair he won't give a free phone even though my tax dollars pay for them, blah blah blah. At first his attitude was confident but eventually turned to very quiet.

I eventually left without a phone, but laughed at how he and the young female next to him didn't know how to respond to someone questioning their lame ass program.

A little side note, You don't have to show proof you're receiving assistance. F-ing crazy.

Waiting for the first shot!

A Modest Scribler said...

God, that's a really sad story, Brian. But, sadly, it is repeated over and over across America every day. Lock and load.