Monday, October 3, 2016

The Despicable vs The Deplorable


Donald Trump is the worst Presidential candidate to come along since George Wallace....except for Hillary.  None of us have ever seen a Presidential campaign like this one, and yet it is simply reflective of the populace in general, half of America hating Trump, the other half despising Hillary.  As Stan Laurel said to Oliver Hardy "well, this is a fine mess you've got us into this time".

Trump is the total clown.  He has failed time and time again to score a take-down against Hillary, despite being given hundreds of chances to do so.  As I watched the debate the other night I counted 85 "bon mots" that Trump could have used and absolutely destroyed Hillary.  Trump could not do it because he hasn't the mental or emotional capacity to do it.  And, worse, he couldn't even accept his "debate programmers" advice and stick to script, his sick personality totally incapable of accepting advice.  And what a disaster that would be if he ever got elected?  Can you imagine what a circus the Presidency would be with Trump totally ignoring our military leaders?  Haven't we already seen how Obama's Iranian cabal in the West Wing pretty much destroyed us already?  And you could be damned sure old Vladimir would have his hand hovering over the nuclear button as soon as Trump blurted some idiocy about "leveling a country?"

Were I Trump up on that dais, as soon as Hillary started talking about the Trump bankruptcies I would have immediately pointed out that Hillary and Bill, like Barack Obama have never had to work a day in their life; sucking off the public and political tit for all of it.

And when Hillary started laundry listing all the countries she flew around to as Secretary of State I would have reminded the American people about her lies about she and her daughter being fired a little girl with flowers.  Or I would have mentioned Hillary's silly Russian "Re-Set" button and asked her how's that reset button working out in the Ukraine, or in Syria, or imminently nuclear capable Iran...flush with $140 billion dollars flown over on a pallet of fresh U.S. thousand dollar bills.  And, yes, when Hillary began talking about Trump's disrespect for women I would simply have laundry listed the long parade of women Bill has bonked, while being savaged as "bimbos" by Hillary.  And, though Trump mentioned Hillary's emails he would have scored far better if he had just quoted FBI Director James Coney's indictment of Hillary and company's careless handling of our nation's most secret security information.  And when Hillary said foreign leaders are fearful of Trump I would have retorted, "well, they like you because they know you can be bought....they have the cancelled checks to prove it."

Hillary, on the other hand, was genius at exploiting all the idiotic Trumpisms that Trump has handed his opponent on a silver platter.   And, sadly, Hillary would have far fewer of those Trumpisms to quote if he'd just been able to shut his mouth after winning the nomination; if he had just talked about the deplorable economic conditions that still hamper our economic growth after eight years of Obama and Clinton.

The amazing thing about this whole Presidential campaign is that the vast 20% of the middle electorate; the Independents, the right leaning,  don't like Hillary; don't like her and don't like her policy proposals.  But, time and time again, Trump has chosen the "red meat" idiocies of personal attack, has all too often shown his psychological maladies and scared the hell out of folks who might forego Hillary and vote for him.

After watching this circus for a year I'm convinced that Trump has only about a 30% support base, with perhaps another 15% of folks who despise Hillary.  Sadly, that support, as tentative as it is, ain't gonna be enough to defeat the most despicable candidate to come along in years.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Jerry Carlin said...

all true and WE Voted them in! We are not in Kansas anymore and may never find a way back.
We have balances and checks in our Government to prevent a King and subdue an Idiot. I am more worried about us as a people, that we could nominate both these candidates as Our representatives. One of these, dumb or dumber, crooked or crookeder will become our Leader.
We are so angry and Lazy we couldn't be bothered to find anyone better. I think we may really be in the Matrix!

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, Jerry, for your comments. While I wholeheartedly embrace your collective "we", I refuse to take responsibility for either Killary or Trump. As you recall, I pimped some other less insane candidates all along the way. This year ...well, let's not go into that, shall we. ;)

TheRandyGuy said...

Is this situation really that surprising? In 2008, America choose a half-black (I mention his skin color because his pigmentation was boasted about by the left) man with no work experience, a resume less than 1/8" thick consisting mainly of a few years as a state Senator in IL, that voted "Present" while in the IL legislature to avoid being on the record. He had a self-admitted history of drug use, close association with convicted terrorists, an expressed desire to "fundamentally change America", and a wife that was not "proud" of America, despite landing a $400K legal position out of law school. In 2012, America sent the same man back for four more years. The result was predictable, and it was disastrous when evaluated by any objective measure. In short, the Presidency was transformed in to mere social promotion irrespective of qualification or dis qualification. Today, we have a choice between a profligate liar with no integrity, a history of dead bodies closely associated with her family, and a resume a mile wide and an inch deep, her chief qualification being her gender. The other option is a candidate with an ego the size of Texas with little verbal self control, used to having things done the way he commands, with seemingly no desire to learn the ways of diplomacy, his chief qualification being his "business experience". NEITHER of these two should be in the running, yet one of them will ascend to the WH in just over three months. The election of Obama proved the Presidency has been devalued to nothing more than a popularity contest, that character (or lack of it) which should be the determining factor has been discarded. One can only imagine what creature will follow the likes of Clinton or Obama in 4 more years.

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, we should have posted your comments on the blog today. An excellent summation of the far larger problem that exists today in America. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Teat not tit