Friday, December 11, 2015

"The Mess We're In"


How did we get in such a mess?  We need only look at our supreme admitted dope and crack cocaine user, a man who openly admits he gamed Whites all his life to make them believe "This Black" was different...that he could charm and comfort...and not make you reach for your door locks.

So he gamed the people and got elected.  And, sadly, he never matured into adulthood.  In seven years he blames every problem on Bush.  In the midst of Islamic savagery he absolutely refused to utter the words "radical Islamic terrorism".  He chooses to enforce only the laws he agrees with and ignores the ones he doesn't.

He sought political gain through divisiveness; telling Blacks that fulfilling Martin Luther King's dreams weren't enough...that somehow, despite preference quotas for college and for employment, despite the trillions spent to improve the Black experience, old Whitey is still out there and out to get you.  He has told the lame and lazy that their plight of poverty is the fault of those who succeeded in life and accrued wealth.  He has told the Hispanics that anyone who opposes open borders are racists.

Think about that!  The college freshman was a middle school when Obama took office.  Seven long years of telling those impressionable kids that the world owes them something, that victimhood is a grand thing, that crying will get you something good, that gaming the system is the only way to get ahead has bred an entire generation of societal cry babies.

In seven short years he had managed to undo fifty years of American leadership in the world.  He has cheered the toppling of one Middle East leader after another...and left the entire region in utter chaos. He has forged trade agreements that put more Americans out of work.  He has signed nuclear agreements that puts the world in greater peril.

How did we get in this mess?  Look no farther than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  

May God help us.


Frank K said...

One more year! One more year! Then it's bye bye to the biggest Terrorist of them all. Brack O'Buttface...

Unknown said...

A retired man who has been paid 0.10% interest on his life long savings for the past seven years concurs.