Monday, December 7, 2015

Police "Lynchings"


A year or so ago a Chicago cop went rogue and fired 17 shots into a PCP induced Black thug name Laquan McDonald.   As in all, and I mean all Black thug-Police interchange, the thug was breaking the law and resisting.  After the video of the incident was released the Blacks emerged from their ghetto hell holes and demonstrated, demanding that some honky pay for that death.  So, yesterday, Obama's best political buddy, Mayor Rahm Emmanual fired the Police Chief, executing the equivalent of a "white lynching" in an effort to throw a little raw meat to the urban thuggery.

Am I surprised?  No.  Our liberal masters will do anything to suck up to their Black "plantation workers"....even surrendering the rule of law if that will bring political favor.  

I guess I would ask when this tomfoolery will stop.  How is it even reasonable to force the Chief of Police to resign over one rogue cop?  Sadly, from Obama on down the liberal ranks, the rule of law, and the concept of "reason" has been sacrificed at the alter of liberalism.  Neither criminal statutes nor contract law are no longer a pillar of American society.  Instead it is the rule of the mob that reigns supreme.

Ironically, also this week Baltimore was preparing to try the first cop indicted in the Freddie Gray case.  I should have, but didn't find it remarkable that prosecutors chose a jury rich with crime backgrounds of their own in order to make sure they "lynch" those cops who killed a thug.

Trayvon Martin?  Michael Brown?  Laquan McDonald?  Freddie Gray?  And on and on....and I am astounded that these ilk are being raised to sainthood by the Black thuggery and liberal politicians.  You cold walk around the south side of Chicago and never hear Martin Luther King's name....but you will damn sure hear the whines over a PCP laced Black thug.  Same in Ferguson, same in Baltimore.

If this insanity continues we can expect good people to flee our police forces...then we can expect to be protected by politically correct "politicians" who will allow Black thuggery to run amok...and you won't have your guns to defend yourself if liberals have their way.

Read any of the great social philosophers; they all espouse that the rule of law is the most important pillar of any society.  When the rule of law becomes subservient to political correctness we are all in trouble.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Frank K said...

There's not enough time in O'Asshole's Presidential abomination to take guns away from anyone. If he tried, Lawsuits would be a plenty. Who would go get those guns? No one but a fool would even try. As for the Police, sacrificial lambs. The Liberal illogical way of keeping peace. Behind the scenes, they probably gave him enough money to live the rest of his life in luxury. Just has to go away and keep mouth shut. I'd do it. Wouldn't blame him a bit.

mark s said...

Where did read pcp induced?

A Modest Scribler said...

From the newspapers that covered the incident.