Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Not Voting Can Hurt You


If you still believe staying home on election day doesn't hurt anyone, consider this:
 Phoenix just had a municipal election. The two biggest issues on the ballot were the election of a mayor and a prop that would levy an additional 1% sales tax for the next 35 years to build an addition to the current municipal transit system. Total costs: $35 billion dollars. 
Now we look at the numbers. The total population of municipal Phoenix is 1.5 million people, 800,000 of which are registered voters. During the summer months a good many of those Phoenix residents are either spending their summers up at their summer home in Flagstaff or vacationing out of state. And despite massive protest the city of Phoenix opted to have this election in August when they knew the number of people in residence would be at their lowest. This almost assured the city masters that this massive $35 billion dollar mass transit bill would pass, even though the transit extension routes will not accommodate 75% of Phoenix residents! 
As to the re-election of the Mayor, that too would have been problematic in a November election. An "illegal amnesty wonk", the current Mayor has done nothing to reduce crime and he's run up horrible deficits while in office.
Now the sad part. Of the 1.5 million Phoenix residents only 165 thousand voted yesterday. And that massive $35 billion dollar transit prop passed...and that awful mayor got re-elected! In other words ten percent of Phoenix residents decided how the other 90% would spend their tax dollars and how Phoenix shall be run!
How does that apply to you? Everyone in America seems really down on Obama's performance. And yet, 50% of America sat on their collective asses watching re-runs of Seinfeld in the last Presidential election! Bottom line: If you want a better country get off your asses, register to vote and take a half hour of your precious time to go out and vote on election day! Otherwise, shut the f**k up!


Craig Bailey said...

I totally agree. If you don't vote you can't complain.

TheRandyGuy said...

I used to believe that - no longer. The system has been refined to the point where there is little difference between the two parties - Dims get you to a completely socialistic America quickly, R's just go a little slower. We vote for half of Congress every two years, and for what? What changes have resulted since the R's took control of both Houses in 2012? NONE. We're being played by professional pols. I am done voting, and I won't complain regardless of what gets elected in 14 months. Whether it's Hillary or The Donald, does anyone really believe elected pols will restore the Constitution? That government will be responsive to the will of the people (other than giving more "free stuff")? When guys like me say "I'm done", that means something.

A Modest Scribler said...

I've heard your rationale before, Randy. Congrats on being one of the millions of conservatives who stayed home because Romney was just not conservative enough for you. You helped get Barry re-elected and you'll help Hillary too.

Yeah...there's a difference...even if your choice is to elect someone who will do less harm.

Frank K said...

I think we'll be a little more inclined to vote for the Trey Gowdy/Donald Trump/Ben Carsons in the future. We know the corrupt Politician(*HILLARY CLINTON) types very well. This is why Trump is doing well. We'll never covert the low information Voter, but we can outnumber them. Vote. Even if you don;t think it will help. Vote. A non vote is a vote for Hillary. That, is Criminal.