Monday, November 12, 2012

Join The Massive State Secession Request Campaign


Post Script To My Blog Readers:

As of this morning 21 states have now forwarded petitions to the White House to request to secede from the Union since last Tuesday's massive fraudulent election results.

I just signed up on the Arizona petition and urge all who believe the current government fails to represent your national interest go to White House. gov and sign the petition for your state.

As you all know I predicted a 2nd Civil War if Obama is re-elected.  (

His goals to evolve this nation into a Union of Socialist Republics of the United States are simply not those of Americans who made this nation great and seek to keep it great.

Here's one of the latest links to these secessionist efforts:

The link to the Secession Requests, by state is here.  Just go to the link and search "open petitions" to see if your state is participating.

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Ken said...

Thanks for that! I'm very reactionary, I'm told that's a great liability, but when I heard of the "Secessionist Movement", well I had to sign on right away. To save me, I found every government site but that one. Your just a wealth of info!