Saturday, January 26, 2013

Left Unsaid: "Why We Need Our Guns"


What is never uttered, even by gun enthusiasts and the NRA, is that the real reason Americans need the most efficient weapons available is because we'll need them during the next Civil War.  The chasm between traditional America and socialist liberal America, augmented and promoted by a slobbering liberal press,  is widening and eventually, just as our founding fathers counseled us, we're going to need our weapons to take down the liberal tyranny.

Jefferson wasn't kidding when he said the tree of freedom must be refreshed occasionally by the blood of both patriot and tyrant.  And it is becoming increasingly clear that our liberties are under assault by liberal tyrants who must tell us what to eat, what to drink, how much to weigh, what is acceptable to say and whom to vote for.

Even with a generous stash of semi-automatic weapons it may be that the defenders of liberty will have to raid national armories in order to gather enough weaponry to hold off the federal oppressors.  Oh, I'm not saying the 2nd Civil War is coming tomorrow but, as I wrote in several previous blogs, the 2nd Civil War is inevitable.  Our government is corrupt and so is half of her citizenry so the issues that so deeply divide us today will sometime come to a head and will be settled with violence.

Just as in the 1850's, when Americans could not even imagine the possibility of the 1st Civil War, Americans today are wearing blinders, refusing to acknowledge the conditions arising that will evolve into the second Civil War in our nation's history.  Last summer I wrote a blog that presented a scenario for how the 2nd Civil War will come about.

The combination of government oppression, societal turmoil brought about by a radical liberal agenda and the ultimate failure of the government to stem the accompanying violence, and protect our citizens, will ultimately lead to the necessity to protect ourselves.

When this happens Americans are going to need their weapons.  Those who can't see the next violent and divisive rebellion coming are living in some fantasy world where they falsely assume a relatively small cadre of the federal military can restore order and protect them.  Again, read the scenario I present in the above cited blog.  One can already see the seeds for the next conflict emerging and your personal weapons are going to be needed to protect hearth and home.

Lock and Load.


Ken said...

OK now! I posted this question last night in several places to no avail. Everybody has their head in the sand. Last night it was reported that Miami police and the military were conducting exercises, the reason for which was very shaky at best. The police were surrounding a large part of the city while folks in the high rise hotels, fearing for their lives, literally were hitting the deck due to the loud machine gun fire coming from Blackhawk helicopters. The military securing areas of the city below.
They assured us it was blanks they were firing. Tell me, when did we start conducting such exercises within city limits and without warning the citizens? This really shook me up last night, thinking the war had started.

I'm probably just nuts but GEEEZZ, obama worries me a great deal. DHS has requested the purchase of 7000 full auto "assault" rifles for their personal protection. Protection from what?

A Modest Scribler said...

Protection from us, buddy. Don't you know we non Kool Aid drinkers are dangerous. As to the Miami police thing, I haven't a clue.

Ken said...

Here is the link to the video. I posted it minimum five times on facebook looking for some input. Not one comment. Times are really weird!!

A Modest Scribler said...

Just watched it Ken. Hey, just a little Homeland Security exercise to get ready for when Obama orders all guns confiscated and all anti-government speech muted.