Saturday, November 3, 2012

Obama Delivers "Ballots"..Not Food And Water

During the first two days of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath the Obama campaign saw the devastation as a grand opportunity for some "photo ops" and a chance to win some votes.  Then, as soon as humanly possible, the President flew off to Vegas for another campaign stop.  If you saw that campaign rally you would have seen a joking and smirking Commander In Chief who clearly showed the Hurricane Sandy tragedy had not registered with him.

Now, days later, the people on Staten Island stand in the middle of the streets, still looking for FEMA or a Red Cross truck that might provide them food and water.  The locals are helping each other as much as they can.  A local food truck vendor gathered up what he had left and drove around offering hot coffee and sandwiches.  Strangely, one lady walked down the middle of the street offering up rolls of toilet paper, which was gratefully received.

As New Yorkers wait up to 12 hours for a few gallons of gas, as outlying communities cry out for aid, as victims wake up this morning to bitter cold, and still waiting for FEMA and the Red Cross, Obama releases every twelve hours or so a steady series of cooing and comforting promises to not forget them.

And forget them he hasn't!  We have just learned this morning that the Obama campaign has put in place plans to deliver voter ballots to storm victims.  Many voting centers no longer exist so the Obama team plans to dispatch military trucks equipped with voting machines so that Sandy storm victims won't miss the chance to vote for him.

It is very likely that a "voting truck" will be the first sign of a federal presence on the streets of Staten Island.  While victims wait for food and water and shelter Obama wants to make sure they get what they really need the most; a voter ballot.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Ken said...

Sad? I don't know, that has a positive note for those of us who worry about the libs on the east coast. Who you gonna vote for when the ballot truck comes, when you are hungry, cold, thirsty, tired, did I mention cold? I don't think it will be for the guy who forgot them. I know this sounds selfish but hey, those east coast blue states put the son of a bitch in office in the first place. I hope it's like I say and they vote vindictively for Romney. I do feel bad for their situation but all the people they constantly vote for are doing what they always do, take care of themselves and fuck everybody else. The only people I hear wanting to help are conservatives, every other pundit is yelling for the government to help these people!

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I meant "sad" in the sense that this socialist son of a bitch, deep in his dark heart, cares about only himself and his ambitions.