Friday, June 26, 2015

History Revised


Maybe the Confederate protestors have it right. They want to ban the Confederate flag, level the statues of Robert E. Lee, and just this morning, fresh complaints came in demanding all southern heritage symbols be wiped from the American landscape.
So, perhaps we ought to burn those cabins at Valley Forge, the ones that patriots used to endure the first hard winter during the War of Independence. And let's raze the Paul Revere Memorial, and certainly the Washington Memorial...those people were all rebels, fighting against the Mother Country. And the Jefferson Memorial has to go cause he owned slaves, and we've simply got to insist those old dead men comply with social mores of today. 
And take down that statue of Teddy Roosevelt charging up San Juan Hill. He was anti-illegal immigrant. Never mind that he busted the monopolies, created the first clean food laws, banned child labor and created the first fair labor laws. The guy's a racist.
And for God's sake, let's tear down those god-awful War War II memorials, and the Iwojima Memorials....what in the world were we doing fighting on foreign soil...after all Japan and the Axis powers only killed 50 million people!
Let's get rid of all the historic memorials. Let's put in their place rings of flag poles. And let's hoist the Mexican flag to honor illegal Mexicans and the LGBT flag to honor the two percent who are gay. Let's hoist the flags of two dozen or more African nations to honor the only group of people who refuse to declare themselves "American". Let's rid our history books of the nation's founders...because they only promised the "pursuit" of happiness....and didn't guarantee happiness and a government check...which is certainly our due.
We can do this people! We've already proven we can wipe out any public display of Christianity. We've proven we can squash any Christian who wishes to abide by his religious beliefs. And we've proven we can obliterate anything that seems offensive to anyone about anything. 
We've proven that if we get a few thousand people to walk around carrying protest signs our politicians will fall to their knees and submit to anyone who throws a tantrum. And it doesn't have to be anything big! Let's rejoice at $15 dollar an hour fast food protests. Let's look on with crocodile tears as Black urban thugs burn their neighborhoods...surely they have good cause to do that. Let's join Occupy marches to the homes of the rich and defecate on their front lawn! They have no business being rich. 
Yes, people, let's melt down all those statues and, fuck plowshares...let's turn em into free cell phones for the masses. Let's burn our history books and print new ones...about wealth redistribution, and the glory of taxation, of the grandness of the nanny state. 
By getting rid of our history, by destroying all those war memorials, it will be so much easier for our bankers/Chinese overlords to transition us to a communist nation that you're just gonna love.


Jeff H. said...

You're on the right track predicting the future, as usual. I read this morning where Louis Farrakhan wants the American flag banished because of our history against 'his' people. Only a matter of time until congress caves to his demands.

Frank K said...

Keep voting for the likes of Obama and Hillary and it will happen. Saw Carly Fiorina last night and does that lady make sense. We do NOT need another "good ol boy" President. No more Bush's, Walkers, Clintons. Time for REAL change.

A Modest Scribler said...

Jeff, if you had suggested they might ban the American flag ten years ago I would have said you're crazy. But since we've already seen several universities propose banning the flag, I wouldn't be surprised by it.

A Modest Scribler said...

From your lips to God's ears, Frank.

Ken said...

When I first heard the attack on the Confederate flag I knew it was only a short time away that the war would broaden. You pointed me to some of the best reading I have ever been exposed to on the subject of Thomas Jefferson. I began to understand the passion so many feel for this great American Patriot. Within a week, I'm hearing this great man's name drug through cesspools all day long, with the most prolific enemy of our country, the partly negro president, leading the charge. Our nation's dumbest following him en masse.

I just keep reliving the morning after the social experiment was reelected by this empty headed electorate. I shed a tear or two knowing what was coming, my stomach dropped to its new location, my heart hasn't stopped aching for all those who gave their lives to defend this once great country and see that she live on and continue giving the world all her gifts. Every morning since that morning has been the same, awaken to a feeling of despondence that replaced my usual happy demeanor and wonder how I will survive the balance of my life. I watched Carly Fiorina as well and sadly she can give me all the hope she has to offer, I know that if a candidate spews common sense and hope there is no chance of their victory as those who vote, only cast ballots for the most handouts.

Abe Lincoln will be removed from the seat in his great memorial and be replaced by the new definition of courageous man, 'er person, Caitlyn, formerly known as the "World's Greatest Athlete", Bruce Jenner, now the new and great champion of obama's legacy, obamacare, offering no cost gender reassignment surgery for queers everywhere (free because the government pays for it)...Sad, Damn Sad, has reached a new sad low

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, it's certainly not going well. It's hard when you see what's happening, and when you know the most dire of consequences from our present actions. Let's hope for a miracle...and it will require a miracle to rid us of this vermin.