Friday, October 11, 2013

Suicide Of A Superpower


Give Pat Buchanan credit.  He was warning Americans about chasing Muslims around the Middle East years before George Bush's foray into Iraq.  He's not a pacifist; he just believes in the old Ronald Reagan saw; we don't want to get involved in foreign wars unless our national security is threatened..and when we do, go large!  Go as big as it takes to win that war overwhelmingly.

In Suicide of A Superpower Buchanan warns of the almost inevitable demise of traditional America...and soon!  He cites three causes; our foolish involvement in foreign wars and the accompanying poor strategies to win them, the failure to protect our borders, and the quickening death of the Judeo-Christian foundation of high morals and solid work ethics.

If you're looking for a more authoritative source for what I've been writing about for three years you might want to read this book.

For those that aren't familiar with Pat Buchanan, he was twice a Presidential candidate, served on the staff of both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, is a regular on PBS's The McLaughlin Group and has the distinction of being fired by MSNBC for not towing the liberal line and his failure to worship Barack Obama.

A prolific writer, Buchanan has penned a dozen books; scholarly treatises on history as well as his take on recent politics.  And Pat Buchanan was running for President on platforms that might have sounded bizarre twenty years ago but now are relevant  and much discussed.  He has warned us about the growing deficit, pissing away our national treasure with our involvement in foreign wars, the growing threat of internationalism and the dangers of misguided trade agreements such as NAFTA.

In Suicide of A Superpower Buchanan makes a good argument that the mongrelism of America as a result of the Mexican invasion is probably our greatest national security concern.  He cites facts and figures that clearly show we simply cannot support another 50 million poverty stricken Mexicans and the destruction of our national culture as those 50 million Mexicans failed to adapt and accept the melting pot concept that here to fore has advanced our culture, not demeaned it.

Finally, Buchanan discusses the total collapse of what was once a moral America, an American that believed in the concept of family as the community basic foundation, the willingness to recognize and live by a minimal set of morals.  When he talks of the need to encourage Christianity he's not advocating the rigid religious mandates of the extreme right.  Instead, he is simply advocating for a restoration of basic decency; a respect for the law, our institutions and the respect of our fellow men.

Buchanan makes a compelling case that, if we don't turn things around quickly, by 2025 America will be something that our parents wouldn't recognize...and a place where few of us will wish to live.

Read and heed!


Ken said...

"by 2025 America will be something that our parents wouldn't recognize...and a place where few of us will wish to live."

2025?? We are already there! This country looks nothing like it did forty years ago. I don't mean that to sound like we have progressed. Those in power have destroyed a once great land and we let them. Now the young have been indoctrinated into a socialist block all marching lockstep to the non citizen in the white house. We all talked and talked about the "dumbing down" of america when that program first started in our schools and we did nothing, now they are the majority vote and they are teaching their young the same lies they were taught. We saw the ridiculous environmentalists gaining ground while stealing our rights to our own property, now we have "Agenda 21" and our rights are all but gone. We watched elated woman proudly burning bras, and happily shouting out about their new found right to slaughter the unborn in a sick form of birth control and called it "their right to choose", now we have the godless "affordable care act" complete with provisions for Euthanasia to rid ourselves of the dead weight in this country (me and our elderly and retarded). We watched all this shit and we all predicted exactly where all this would take us.

Well here we are, and the vehicle that brought us here was our own apathy! The Tea Party came too late and that is evidenced by how quickly they are being destroyed by the huge propaganda machine run by the left. If anyone is surprised, they've had their head in the sand. Knowing these times were coming makes them no less sad though. The day after the first negro was re-elected was the end and we are not going to get it back. Violently or otherwise! The selfish apathy has now become a way of life for the masses, send me my free shit and when it's all gone I'll roll up and die.

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, that is just about how I felt last Nov. 7th...and I ain't feeling that much better now...but I still harbor a sliver of hope that the good will rise up in that 2nd Civil War and slay the evil doers...sigh.

Ken said...

Have you found anyone to fight in that war? I know the libs certainly have a lot of folks ready to go, but I don't see any for the good guys. I think we've all just given up. Sorry state

A Modest Scribler said...

No, the libs won't fight, Ken...they are all talk. As to the "good guys", yeah, I see many that have stood up to fight...I was at a Vets rally today with guys age 25 to 89 and they were all out there standing tall and protesting all the crap coming down...and I saw WWII vets last week that took the battlefield in wheel chairs and on canes and they took the place.

And today there were thousands and thousands of vets on the Mall in Washington...and they took every damn one of those memorial barrycades down and carried them like banners throughout the parade...and i see families hurting but haven't given up yet..I see them going to work every day and feeling pride in it,,,and haven't chosen to give up and join the gravy train...too much pride to give yeah, I see plenty in the good guy's army.

And I still see an awful lot on both side who sit on their ass on their couch and do nothing.