Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Why Business Loves Illegals- Boycott Them!"

Our President, our Congress and every state and county government in our nation are lobbied daily by business to ease up on enforcement of our immigration laws.  That is to be expected; financial interest rules in a capitalist society.  Financial interest overrules any other consideration, to include whether or not illegal immigration is in our best interest. 

Witness the Arizona Chamber of Congress letter to the Arizona statehouse which delayed, if not killed, the latest illegal immigration bills that were under state senate consideration.  Just this past week a former CEO of Intel condemned Arizona's harsh treatment of illegals.  Witness the lobbying by business to attempt to kill anti-illegal immigration bills in Georgia and Tennessee this week!

Businesses do not want to use the federal  E-Verify system, claiming it's 7 percent inaccuracy rate.  That means they don't like a system that is 93 percent accurate in identifying those here illegally!  I'll take any government program that has that degree of accuracy!  Must be some kind of government program record!

So folks, we have to ask ourselves, why would business be so hell-bent on crippling our immigration laws?  Could it be that businesses enjoy hiring cheap labor and damned the cost to society?  Could it be that businesses can refuse to offer retirement and health care and cheap wages and damn the harm it does to an American citizen trying to make a living wage? 

Well, I have to believe that those billions of dollars going into lobbying against enforcing our immigration laws must mean something, huh? 

Now, let's look at this thing realistically.  As citizens we are never going to convince business to consider anything that betters the larger society; businesses, especially corporate businesses, have one goal in mind:  profits!  A corporation owns no heart and no conscience.  How many thousands of businesses have left the U.S. to secure cheap labor over the last thirty years?  Yeah, folks, those businesses who find a better deal will leave you in a heartbeat; that is the nature of business.

Even those businesses who continue to operate primarily from U.S. shores do so with profit in mind.  Look at Walmart!  As U.S. manufacturing was abandoned to Japan, then Thailand, then South Korea, then China, Walmart filled their stores with foreign made products.  Okay, I understand the profit motive; I'm a capitalist!  But the day will come when the last job leaves the U.S. and no one will be able to afford to shop at Walmart, much less anywhere else.  Do you think Walmart will stick around when profits plummet?  Nope, they'll go where the money is.

Oh sure, a business will publicize their "community programs" that donate 1/10 of one percent of their revenue to community makes them look good!  But if you're waiting for businesses to develop a heart you'll wait forever.

Let's also consider Walmart's employee business model: Pay low wages, offer minimal health care and rely on their employees using state provided health care programs for their medical needs.  So, why wouldn't Walmart...and every other business favor having a ballooning low-cost labor force that insures they can tell an American employee "if you don't like it, leave!"  Hell, tens of thousands of American businesses don't even bother with that!  They just hire an illegal work force to begin with, pay in cash and don't have to provide any health or retiree benefits at all!

Like I said, we're never going to convince business to change their tune;  by nature, business possesses neither heart or conscience.  No, if you want to insure our immigration laws are enforced you're going to have to scream loud and clear to the politicians that you want it...and that you are aware of those businesses lobbying for what is best for "their interest", not "yours".

So folks, if you're concerned about the invasion I encourage you to do two things:  1) Write your congressmen and senators and governors and tell them to stand up and enforce our illegal immigration laws and 2) boycott any business that you see hiring illegal workers!  Nothing gets a business's attention like a  consumer boycott!

If you wish to participate in a boycott of those who hire illegals, you can go to this site and search by location, for those businesses currently hiring illegals.



A Modest Scribler said...

To the poster who's post I just deleted. The problem with you is that, while you make some valid points, you can't get through a whole post without extreme vulgarity and I don't allow extreme vulgarity or hate speech. My grandaughter reads this; I don't need her reading filth...if you want to post, do so, but do it without the f-bomb and parts of the body which has no relevance to the subject. You've written often but I almost always have to delete you. Sorry. Clean up your act, then make your point.

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If you don't want her reading filth you should make sure she doesn't read any mainstream media publications. Probably should not let her watch tv. Those so called "reality" shows are filthy garbage.