Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Commander In Chief: For Who?


Raymond is 18 years old.  He's not sure what he wants to do with his life yet but he knows he can't qualify for university work.  Maybe some day he'll enroll in a community college, take some courses, and figure out what he wants to do.

Meantime, Raymond's folks said "get a job" he works for McDonald's.  McDonald's pays Raymond $8.00 per hour.  He works five eight hour shifts per week.  For that pay, Raymond sometimes works the register and sometimes he microwaves and assembles hamburgers.  Raymond's gross monthly pay is $1,280.00.  But there's hope and change for Raymond.  His favorite President ever is browbeating companies into paying $10.10 an hour.  If the franchise is on a military base they HAVE to pay or leave the base.   But Raymond's favorite President has promised to campaign throughout the country and demonize any business that isn't willing to pay $10.10.  And won't that be nice, a 25% raise in pay for Raymond!  Raymond will then be pulling in $1,630 dollars per month for assembling burgers.

Tom is also eighteen years old.  He's an army private.  To qualify for his job Tom must pass a rigid physical and perform to army standards on his fitness tests.  He must also pass the Armed Forces Qualification Test to make sure Tom can write at the 12th grade level and has math and science and reasoning knowledge.

During the first six months on the job, Tom will work sixteen hours a day as he trains in a dozen different weapons systems, learns both active and defensive combat maneuvers, crawls under barb wire on his belly, repels down 50 foot walls, as well as many hours in the classroom learning about his branch of service history, his country's history, military tactics employed in the last three wars...and when all that is done he washes out his underwear and socks, he polishes his boots and irons in military creases in his pants to stand inspection.   He's spend at least a hundred hours learning how to clean, disassemble and assemble his assigned primary weapons.  

Training over, Tom will deploy, even in this diminishing war, at least once to Afghanistan.  Or he will stand guard on the DMZ in Korea.  Or he will guard an ammunition storage site in Qatar, or, if he's lucky enough to get an assignment stateside, he'll be sent to rescue flood victims in New Orleans, or truck water and emergency rations to tornado victims in Iowa.  

When Tom opens his paycheck envelope at the end of the month, Tom will see a check for $1,451.00 dollars.  But wait!  Each January Tom is scheduled for a pay raise with the rest of the military troops. How much?  Well Congress voted a 1.8 percent military pay raise....but Tom's Commander in Chief cut that amount to a flat 1%.  So Tom will get an additional $14.50 this year.

So President Obama wants a 25% raise for hamburger flippers like Raymond.  But the Commander in Chief is only willing to give Tom a pitiful 1%.

So when the dust settles Raymond will make $1,630.00 flipping burgers.
Tom will walk up the the pay window in Korea, or Qatar or Afghanistan and get $1,465.00

Hail To The Chief, Baby!


Carol said...

It's an insult to those enlisted in the military for sure!!! Outrageous, really!

Ken said...

I pray for the day I pick up the paper and read of another assassination of a president. This is really a sad time for this country, run by children, and an electorate populated by children, colleges filled with children and graduating spoiled brainwashed children.
I am given some hope when I hear of a poll taken of the children who now say all the affirmative action is definitely unfair. Maybe some change. The idiot in the white house has damaged it beyond repair but has in his second term become hated even by most of the people who put him there. It is a sad time to be an american.

A Modest Scribler said...

Carol, Ken; I have kind of a funny story to tell you. I took college classes at night for ten years to get my that I could become an officer and be paid better, and support my family better.

So in 1980 i finally finish OTS, get my commission as a 2nd Lieutenant, just as Reagan is coming into office. The first thing Reagan does is give the enlisted guys a huge pay raise, with commissioned officers getting a much smaller raise. So, it turned out that, had I stayed enlisted I would have made more money (with my time in service) than I drew as a brand new 2nd Lieutenant...of course in the long run it turned out better..but in short term it didn't. I didn't mind...Reagan was taking care of the backbone of the military after years of Carter neglect so I was happy.

Ken said...

I guess politicians can't help but mess things up for the soldier. The guy who actually makes it all posible for those assholes!

Carol said...

Kind of a sad funny. :/

Brian Kalifornia said...

No Carol, Very SAD!