Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Marco Rubio; If Not Now, When?"

Recent polls have shown that approximately 70 percent of Republican voters are unexcited about the current field of Presidential candidates.  Getting voters to support any of them is like getting kids to eat their broccoli.   I am frankly amazed that, in a country of 300 million people, we can only come up with a handful of heavily flawed candidates who are willing and consider themselves capable of leading our nation toward a more promising future.

I look at Mitt Romney and I see a guy who partnered with liberals in Massechusetts in establishing a socialist health care plan that is even now crippling the finances of that state.  The son of a wealthy auto magnate and former governor of Michigan, Romney is a rich kid who was given his first million and told to "go out and make a million!".  Could I ever trust him to hold a hard line against free spending liberals in Congress?  No!

I look and listen to Governor Rick Perry in Texas and I hear an eerie similarity in speech and mush-mouth platitudes of a George W. Bush.  Listen to him!  He sounds exactly like George Bush.  That alone would lose the support of Independents!  It's unfortunate but there are alot of Independents and Republicans who are still weary of the free-spending Bush and Perry just looks and sounds too much like Bush.  Fair or not, Perry could not win.

I look and listen to Michelle Bachman and immediately know she has neither the finesse or intellectual depth to handle the Presidency.  Her gaffes with regard to our Constitutional history have been amazingly stupid and her manner of speech is grating.

Pawlenty is non-flavored yogurt and the rest of the field have already been marginalized into obscurity.  If I had to take a guess at this moment the fight will be between Romney, Perry and Bachman...to which I say god help us.

Folks, we had this same conundrum in 1996.  Republicans were riding a wave of popularity which gave them the majorities in both the House and Senate.  Then, when the Presidential merry-go-round of candidate nomination came around the Republicans decided that it was good ole Bob Dole's turn.  While Senator Dole was an able legislator, and a good man, he was about as exciting as the aforementioned broccoli and the Republicans lost.

Now, at this critical time, the Republicans need an eloquent spokesman for traditional American values and someone who can restore fiscal sanity to government.  The only candidate I see on the immediate horizon is Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.  He is a true conservative, he is eloquent and uplifting and he is the only candidate who can match and exceed that of the smooth-talking Barack Obama.

Alas, he was only recently elected Senator from Florida and believes he must "pay his dues" by serving his state.  No doubt he is fearful of being considered a "carpetbagger", full of ambition that would appear to supercede his loyalty to his fellow Floridians. 

I say the country needs Senator Rubio much more than does the state of Florida.  We are at a critical juncture in our nation's history.  We will either stop Obama's efforts to socialize our nation or, if Obama wins a second term, we may very well have gone past the point of no return and our nation of "producers" will become just like the underachieving socialist states of Europe.

I will once again invite you to listen to an outstanding speech that clearly defines Senator Rubio's values and his vision for an American future:

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