Monday, June 27, 2011

"Israel's Fight for Survival"

A few weeks ago President Obama opted to descend from Olympus and issue a pronouncement:  With regard to peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel, Obama declared that Israel must retreat to her 1967 territorial boundries.  This pronouncement of course declared before substantive talks were to begin. 

In essence, Obama was declaring unilateral surrender for Israel before the fight even started.  You might guess that Israel felt they had been sold out...and rightly so.  Here's why Obama's proposal on the '67 borders is both preposterous and impossible.

Perhaps we need to remind this President that the territory gained by Israel in the 67 war came after being attacked by much of the Middle East.  Israel was not the aggressor.  Further, prior to Israel's David vs Goliath victory over the armies of Egypt and Syria and Lebanon and others, Israel's very existence was tenuous since they were exposed on literally all sides and the enemy had the advantage of the high ground in the Sinai. 

Perhaps the President needs to remember also that, only six years later, Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world, equipped and financed by both the Soviet Union and the deep pockets of the Saudis, started a second war with Israel in 1973!  The enemy was so massive that only the brilliance of the Israeli general staff and the last minute aid from the U.S. saved Israel!

Maybe we also have to remind the President that the Muslim world, when not fighting the U.S. or Israel, are more than content to fight each other!  Maybe the President could attend a 6th grade history class and learn that Israel just happens to be the only democratic ally we have in the Middle East!

Yes, it's true that we give foreign aid to Israel; about $3 billion per year.  That's just about what we are spending per week in Afghanistan.  The U.S.-Israeli friendship has not been one sided.  We only need to go back a few months to see that it was Israel that planted that massive computer virus that kept the Iranian nuclear facility from coming online.  Over the 60 years of our partnership Israel has remained a loyal and steadfast American friend.

Does President Obama really want to surrender Israel to these people?  What's your choice, folks?  $3 billion a year in aid to Israel...or $3 billion a week to a corrupt Afghani leader who professes openly his hate for America and our troops?

Seems pretty simple to me...but then I don't have my head in the clouds of Mt. Olympus savoring my Harvard law degree amidst the arrogance of ego.


grenadavet said...

Just,I earned my Israeli jump wings while with the MFO in 1984. Our jumpmaster was a female hottie LT,and I participated in some field problems with our Israeli equivalent.After that experience,I no longer wondered why Israel is viable as a nation amongst it's enemies. When Saddam lobbed Scuds during the first Goat-rope in the Gulf, King Hussein of Jordan announced that the Israelis "would not be allowed to reach Iraq through my country. BWAAAAHHHAAAAA!!! If the Israelis wanted to go through Jordan, it would be as the proverbial sh-t through a goose!! I totally agree that we must at all costs maintain a high alliance with them,as insurance against the day when the Arabs really lose their minds.

JustCommonSense said...

Thanks for your comments granadavet...and nice to hear from you again.