Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Why I Love Amazon" is my favorite place to shop.  It is the "magic bazaar" where you can window shop, read buyer reviews and do all the research a smart consumer will ever need to make smart buying choices.  If you can cobble together $25 bucks worth of purchases they'll ship it to you for free, and they nearly always offer the best price.  When I have needed to contact customer service, whether by phone or email, I am assured prompt and courteous attention.

While I am not a big buyer of general goods, when I do choose to buy toys, a camera, an RV accessory, a household item or anything else I generally choose Amazon. 

My biggest purchases from Amazon are for books.  I bought an Amazon Kindle and now enjoy buying e-books at steep discounts.  It adds up to alot since I read about a hundred books per year.  The Amazon Kindle lets me sample books before I buy, offer free books from up and coming writers, and I have my choice of a few million royalty free books to download for free.

I'm now ready for Amazon to expand their horizons.  We could have Amazon list all of our Presidential and congressional candidates, document how they voted on specific legislation,  along with reviews from their consituents so we could see how theyh're really doing.  We cold scrap the current dirty fund-raising methods currently employed and have Amazon handle the candidate contributions and document who gave what to whom.  We could name Amazon the "sole-source provider" for those $4,000 dollar toilet seats and $5,000 dollar hammers that the Defense Department procures from the most generous defense lobbyist.

We could have Amazon assume the current duties of the IRS; their customer service would certainly improve.  Gotta go, I'm doing my taxes and I'm only up to page 336 of the current tax code.

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