Thursday, August 16, 2018

30 Second Circuses


"McSalley's for Amnesty!" "Ward's for Amnesty!" "Ward voted against funding the wall" "Ducey wants to starve teachers!" "Sinema voted with Trump 62 percent of the time!"

The 30 second spots run 24-7, paid for by either the state or national party, or the hundreds of political pacs that dot the American landscape.

Billions spent on lies, whole or half, trying to coax at least half of that vast sea of ignorance out there to go to the polls and vote their candidate. Alas, half won't vote at all, most of the other half voting based on how many of those 30 second lies rang their chimes. Less than 5 percent of voters will actually go to a candidate's web sight and read their political positions. Even fewer will visit the Congressional Quarterly and read how their candidates voted on issues important to the electorate.

Yes, billions spent, and we are only in the primary season. Much more will be spent before the November general election.

Fade to black...and go back six or seven years. Barack Hussein Obama, who couldn't tell the whole truth if his life depended on it, stood giving his State of The Union Address in the halls of the House.

Immediately in front of him sat 9 Supreme Court judges. So Obama violated protocol by insulting the court. He said their decision ruling that corporate political donations were a form of free speech was terribly wrong.

For once Obama was telling at least a half-truth. You see, Barry didn't like corporate money going toward political campaigns. Yet he had no problem at all with his liberal labor unions kicking in billions to Democratic campaigns.

I would agree with Obama if he'd proposed a ban on "all organized money" for political campaign, corporate and union alike. We see the results of all that both obscene, and sometime dark money funding lie after lie on our TV screens.

I would be perfectly happy if only individual political donations were allowed, Hollywood millionaires and billionaires excepted. But, just as a wall at our border will help, but not totally curb illegal immigration (got to fix E-Verify and Visa overstays), the banning of corporate and union donations would not go far enough to stop the corruption and massive lying. To get money out of politics you've got to shut down those thousands of K-Street lobbyists who arrive with fat wallets and sit and sip coffee in every Congressman and Senator's congressional office.

The only other way you restore our Republic to former greatness is to ferret out the truth by visiting a candidate's web site and reading their position, then going to the Congressional Quarterly to see how bad their web site lies, then read how they voted on those things that matter to you.

Otherwise you are stuck with these 30 second circus sessions running on TV interminably.

Sad. Damned Sad.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Fear And Loathing In 2018


My Facebook friends who are Trump supporters say the Democrats are gonna get creamed come November. The Democrats say they'll win on the issues of Trump corruption and illegal amnesty advocacy.

I just don't know. I know it will be fascinating. Yesterday, on my blog, I wrote about an openly LGBT Democratic Senatorial candidate who seems to be drawing the most support from either party I find that bizarre for a traditionally conservative state like Arizona.

Furthering my fears is what's going on right here in Sun City. For some sixty years this community votes Republican 90 percent of the time. So when our local long time stalwart Republican congressman was brought down in the "Me Too" movement we had a special election to fill the seat until the November election. Our own Debbie Lesko, a Republican who has represented us in the state legislature, won the seat...but narrowly. Her Democratic opponent in that election owned some weak credentials. She had been an emergency room doctor, but had given up her practice after being legitimately sued for malpractice. Candidate Hiral was for free health care for all, was against building a border wall, and thought we ought to give amnesty to the 30 million invaders who live here. And yet she lost to a Republican by only 12 percent, in a district that votes Republican 90 percent of the time!

The Democratic candidate didn't give up. She is now running for her party in the general election. And, throughout Sun City I am seeing hundreds of her election signs gracing the front yards of my neighbors. So far, from the signs I've seen, the Democrat is "out-signing" our Republican candidate. If that's happening in the most conservative community in Arizona what does the rest of the country look like?

Then, just minutes ago, I read that Senator Ted Cruz over in Texas is waging a close race for reelection, only five points separating him from his Democratic opponent. Ted Cruz, for god's sake! Texas, for god's sake!

So, yeah, I'm worried. I'm worried that voters will be too dumb to realize just how much better off they are under a Republican Congress. I'm worried that Trump will try to fire his Attorney General, and quash the Meuller investigation, and set off a constitutional crisis. Anything like that happening and we may see some "Trump fatigue" with Independents, thus sweeping in more liberal pin-heads into office.

Last time I looked the Dems need to win 34 seats to take control of the House. In the Senate races, if Arizona is reflective of the national mood we may be in trouble there too. Yesterday I pretty much guaranteed that LGBT liberal will win the one seat up for grabs here.

Lots of fear and loathing over on Snead Drive this electoral year.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Republicans: Don't Look To Arizona For Help


I wrote about Krysten Sinema several years ago.  I warned Republicans to watch out for her because she'd be creating problems for them.  She is.  She's a lock to win her party's nomination to replace Arizona Senator Jeff Flake in the U.S. Senate.   She will then whip Arizona's three Republican nominees in the general election.

Krysten Sinema is an anomaly.  Growing up in Arizona, her family was so poor they lived in an abandoned gas station.  She overcame poverty and got herself a great education.  She entered politics in the 90's, winning a seat in the state legislature.  As I followed those legislative proceedings I saw Ms. Sinema drive Arizona's Republican controlled house half mad.  She would pick apart faulty legislation, trot in various citizens to promote her pet causes, and doing all that with grace and charm and without an ounce of anger.  She charmed the socks off Republican and Democrat alike.

In 2012  even her own party thought she was a bit nuts as she ran for the U.S. Congress in a district largely conservative.  Well, she ran and won over those conservative voters three times now.  Whip smart, she joined the House's "Blue Dog Coalition", voting essentially down the middle....sometimes with her fellow Democrats...just as often with Republicans.  She has carried that same sense of personal charm displayed in the state house into the halls of Congress.

This year Ms. Sinema has jumped into the Senate race.  She will vie for that seat against three Republican candidates, all include 86 year old retired Sheriff Joe Arpao.  And when the dust settles come November she will become our first Democratic Senator in decades.

I will not vote for her.  Ms. Sinema opposes the border wall, advocates for amnesty for those here illegally, especially for the DACA generation.  When (not if) she wins our Senate seat she will be only the second LGBT person to win a seat in the Senate.  She is openly bi-sexual and has no problems with gays and transgenders in our military.  And she believes with all her heart that government rescued her from a life of poverty.

Still, when you see Ms. Sinema in a debate, there are vestiges of Ronald Reagan there.  She never shouts, or even raises her voice.  She smiles and parries attacks with great charm.  She is tireless, climbing mountains and running Iron Man Triathlons in her spare time.

And she scares me to death.  If Republicans hope to keep control of the Senate they'll have to look elsewhere.  Given that John McCain seems reluctant to resign his seat in the Senate, and allow our governor to appoint a conservative, that seat too may be in peril, given the dearth of sturdy Republican candidates out this way lately.  And it is becoming doubly hard lately.  Arizona picked up some 180,000 California transplants this year, the vast majority of them dumb enough to help destroy that state, then arrive here to say "that's not how we did it in California.  Democrats here will get more help since I just read that several thousand California kids have been turned away from universities there, in favor of illegal Mexican kids, who are now intent in enrolling in Arizona State and the University of Arizona.  Those kids will be declaring residency and giving a boost to Democrats at the polls.

Yes, we are still slightly red here in Arizona.  But we are turning purple fairly quickly.  While our statehouse remains under Republican control we suffer from a Democratic lock on the Phoenix mayorship and, given the thousands of California transplants, conservatism is under assault here....made worse currently by our two Republican In Name Only senators.

Krysten Sinema is at the forefront of this change.  She is careful to walk the middle ground, never stooping to repeating the utterings of the radical left, but she is an ever present force here, just as Ronald Reagan was when he wrested Democratic control from California's Governor Pat Brown dynasty.

Watch out Republicans.  If you want to keep the Senate, look elsewhere.