Friday, August 30, 2013

Another Bullying Tactic By Dysfunctional California


California has become a mad rat chasing its own tail.  Totally dysfunctional, with soaring unemployment, huge annual budget deficits, rife with crime, and over-run with illegals representing ten percent of the population of Mexico, the state never the less continues to legislate from Peter Panville.

The 40 year dominance of liberal Democrats in the California Statehouse has proposed and passed all manner of laws that punishes anyone who dares to hold traditional American values and rewards the strangest of alternative lifestyles.  

The latest assault on Main Street America is California Senate Bill 323, the Youth Equality Act.  It proposes to remove tax exempt status of the Boy Scouts of America because, to date, the BSA has delayed their decision on whether or not to admit openly gay youth to the organization.  It seems the Boy Scouts are caught between a rock and a hard place; since "gangsta America", "video game America" don't have time for camping or fishing or learning community service activities, the churches have largely taken on sponsorships of Scout troops.  Churches now account for 70% of all Scout sponsorship, and since their religion precludes the blessing of homosexuality, they pressure the Scouts to maintain their century old values.

And so, rather than the LGBT community just establishing their own gay scouting community, opening up membership to gays, lesbians, cross dressers and sado-masochists, liberals prefer to invade the "realm of the straights" and put them in their place.

And no greater advocates do the LGBT community have than the wild eyed liberals in Sacramento who stay in session 365 days a year, pulling in those $150,000 a year salaries and a thousand per day per diem bennies.   

And so, as city after city in California declares bankruptcy, as street crime soars to epidemic proportions, as half of the their state burns with uncontrolled wild fires, as more and more of their agricultural land is invaded by pot growers, as California eats up 50 percent of all federal welfare dollars, as businesses flee to other states from oppressive regulation, sky high utility rates and the highest business taxes in the nation, the legislature seems to have time only to bully boy scouts and working blue collar folks.

Last year the Hotel Workers Union , dominated by illegal Mexican hotel maids, complained that flat sheets in hotel rooms were harder to make and caused back problems, the California legislature passed a law that mandated hotels and motels use only fitted bottom sheets, even though the hotel business folks said fitted bottom sheets could not work with their linen press machinery and the costs of transition might force them to leave the state.    The bill passed.

Two years ago the Sacramento wackos passed a law that mandated breaks every four hours and vacation pay and disability benefits for the family babysitter.

Two years ago Sacramento passed a law that allows cross dressers to bring their bustiers and foam bras and nylon net stockings with high heels to work.  The legislature made it a crime for employers to discriminate against those who wish to show up for work in their cross dressing attire.

Five years ago several municipalities in California passed laws that mandated Home Depot build shelters and provide picnic tables and rest areas for illegal Mexicans who populate the parking lots in search of day labor.

A decade long war has raged all over the state of California to wipe out all religious displays at Christmas.  Scores of California cities are now on "Jesus Lockdown" as crosses and the image of an infant Jesus has proven to be deplorable to the secular and atheistic.

The Boy Scouts of America are just the latest target for these liberal wackos.  Will the last sane person leaving California please turn off the lights?


Sfj said...

I live in San Francisco California and I've been here since 1968. I'm also passionately conservative in my political views. I love your blog.

But being less than honest or genuine does not help our cause.
Although I didn't vote for Jerry Brown, and never would vote for a democrat, he has pretty much taken our state out of debt.

The governator, a republican whom I voted for twice, made our state's fiscal matters a disaster.

Sometimes, not often of course, but sometimes, we right-wingers need to admit our errors and give credit when the liberals do something good.

A Modest Scribler said...

Hi SFJ, thanks for your kind comments about my blog.

Sadly, I have to disagree with you about Brown's latter term accomplishments (I actually give him great credit for his first two terms!) Anyone can balance a budget by jacking up taxes and fees to filthy levels...and even those are questionable.

First, you may want to wait a year or two to see if your state budget is indeed in balance...and second, many of the state "savings" was merely putting the burden back on municipalities which I don't need to tell have budges that are precarious at best.

If you read my blog regularly you know that I occasionally do indeed give credit to Democrats, even Obama on such things as renewable energy and education, expanding the communications grid, etc. I recently wrote a glowing blog about a liberal politician here in Arizona, whom I disagree with, but whom I admire greatly for how she civilly debates her opponents and how she treats her constituents.

Because I love my country far more than I love politics I would like nothing more than to find more Democrats to praise. Unfortunately I find most of them, at best, to be unable to think logically, and, at worst, despicable exploiters of the poor simply to achieve and maintain power.

Again, thanks for your comments.

A Modest Scribler said...

SFJ, I forgot to mention; surely, having read my blog, you see how fiercely I have attacked RINO's and those Repubs so cowardly they'll do and say anything to hang on to their power.