Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"Convict Sheriff Joe Arpao"


America's toughest sheriff was just found guilty last week....guilty of rounding up illegal Mexicans and sending them packing.
Poor Joe was simply stuck in a time warp, the charges against him coming at the hands of liberal judges and an Obama Justice Department that saw Joe as a threat to their open borders policies...and too early to be given a medal by the current White House for doing what they want done.

Indeed it is ironic that Joe was convicted for what Trump's Justice Department is demanding now....that state and local law enforcement cooperate with ICE to export our illegal vermin. 
It all came about when Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder (architect of Fast and Furious, that deadly game of killing our border agents with our own weapons) suing Sheriff Joe for being too damned good at rounding up illegals and trucking them down to Nogales and shoving them back across the border.
So ole Eric partnered with some liberal appointed Arizona judges and issued a "cease and desist order" against Sheriff Joe. And by the time SB 1070 became law Joe had sent some half a million illegal Mexicans either fleeing to California, or facing deportation back to Mexico.
Well, Obama finally got SB1070 watered down pretty good...good enough for some of the illegals to return...only to find that Sheriff Joe was still enforcing our "old" illegal immigration laws...the ones that have been on the books for a couple of hundred years....long before SB1070.
So Joe raided work places...and decimated the work forces in those places, nearly always half of the workers using stolen Social Security numbers. Or Joe would stop someone with a broken tail light in a 1975 Ford Explorer...and find out both driver and occupants were Mexican invaders. And off they went to Nogales.
Well, pretty soon the Mexicans were up in arms, and businesses who hired illegals were up in arms...cause they were being forced to stop paying cheap wages under the table....and most of the car washes in town were shut down...and the restaurants were working with half staff...and they all cried "foul!"
So Joe was ordered to stop enforcing those old immigration laws...and he said "no, that's my job". 
So, this week, Joe Arpao was convicted by a single judge (the judge refused to allow a jury trial because they knew Joe would win a trial of his peers), and Joe faces sentencing come October 5th.
The illegal Mexicans are happy, full of glee at old Joe's woes. And the businesses who hire illegals can breathe a sigh of relief.
But, under the newly elected, very liberal Sheriff, the illegal hit and runs are in full bloom, and there's more nightly shootings in Mexican populated Maryvale, and home invasions are on their way back.
But, hey, that evil Sheriff Joe is finally facing some pink-underwear jail time. 
But, a little advice to the open borders folks....there's this guy up in the White House that has full pardon authority. Don't look for Sheriff Joe to spend one day in jail.


TheRandyGuy said...

Considering the number of both pardons and commutations issued by The Anointed One (third on the all time list, behind F. Roosevelt and Wilson), it would be hard for libs to complain....

A Modest Scribler said...

Hahaha! I'm sure you wrote that with tongue in cheek, Randy. In my entire life I've never seen a bigger group of hypocrites as those folks in the other party. When Obama played golf three times a week they said "he deserved a little time off". When Trump does, just as the morning headlines implied, "he's goofing off". And as the Dems spend 90 percent of their time probing Trump's "Russian crimes" they had no problems at all with Obama's accidental "live mic" assurances to that Russian diplomat that "I can be more flexible after the election". Need I go on? already know.