Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Mlilennial Survey


Just read an interesting article about the Millennial generation.  Seems that, using both surveys and monitoring electronic spending patterns, has come up with a lifestyle profile of the generation that will soon own the world.  I found it fascinating.

1) 40 percent still live at home with Mom and Dad

2) Millennials are "ultra-confident" about the accuracy of their world views, believe social media has made them the smartest generation ever, and will not accept a job unless the work is "inspiring".

3) Millennials spend twice as much on phone bills as any other generation.

4) Millennials spend more on food and groceries than any generation in history....they dine out an average of five days per week and, if they do prepare a meal at home it comes from either Whole Foods or a meal delivery service like Blue Apron.

5) Millennials believe America would be better off without national borders.

6) Millennials are rarely home, always on the go, and spend a large part of their day interacting on social media.

7) Millennials believe it is perfectly okay to have their lifestyle subsidized by others.  They support the $15 dollar per hour fast food worker campaign, believe their student loans should be forgiven, that universities must be open to all, free to all, and should have "safe spaces" where they can go for respite from the savagery of every day life.

8) White Millennials are the first generation who openly admit to having "ethnic guilt" about being White.

9) Millennials believe a capitalist system is evil and everyone would be better off under Socialism.

10) Unlike previous generations, Millennials tend to adopt the political and social philosophies of their cultural actors and music stars.

I'll not offer an opinion as to what all this means for the future of America.   I'm just "reporting" may draw your own conclusions about all this.

But I will issue one ending "sigh".


Jerry Carlin said...

yeah, Pretty Frightening!

TheRandyGuy said...

Entitled, selfish, lazy, and {add your own characterization here}.

Carol said...

I pretty much summed this up when I saw the followers of Bernie. That's where America is headed......sad!