Friday, June 30, 2017

Deciphering The Healthcare Debate


Sigh. There are so many lies, so many media obfuscations about Obamacare, one needs either a college degree, or natural intellect, and absolutely must be willing to study if one hopes to understand the problem. To wit, I cite a few facts:

1) When you see someone cariryng a sign that says "don't take away my healthcare" you can be sure that person is not paying for it.

2) When you hear the media say "23 Million Set to Lose Healthcare under Republican plan, how many of you knew that those 23 million were only temporarily covered..even under Obama's plan. Those "23 million" were being cared for in those states that accepted federal money to expand each states Medicaid rolls. Now get this: that federal money was only promised through 2018. After that, if states wish to continue the free healthcare each state would then be required to foot the bill themselves. In effect Barack Hussein Obama was no different than a drug pusher...getting America hooked on that federally funded healthcare money, with the clear intent that once hooked, the freeloaders in each state would demand their "free health care".

3) Obama and the Dems intentionally set the penalties for not enrolling in Obamacare extremely low, then each year they are set to escalate. Again, this was to get as many freeloaders into the plan before the real bill came due in later years. Hell, Obama even back loaded all the bad stuff so that he and his fellow liberals could win near term elections!

4.) Even with Obama's mandates, young people...the healthiest of us, chose not to participate in Obamacare and, instead, chose just to pay the penalty. The lack of funding by those young folks is what caused health premiums to soar as their was no "funding floor" from the healthy to pay for those who were sick.

5) Alert! Alert! Alert! The Republican play is worse! Having removed the plethora of taxes (3.6 surcharge for the rich, a tax on medical devices, etc) and having removed the mandate to purchase, the Republicans have taken away subsidies that kept Obama care costs down a smidgeon...with those taxes and subsidies removed you can expect even higher premiums! The problem with the Republican plan is that it is "Obamacare Lite". Repubs wee just too frightened to totally scrap a benefit already bestowed on the electorate!

6) Obamacare is proof positive that we need to be very careful about granting a government benefit. Once it is given it is totally impossible to take it away.

7) Finally...there is never any logic applied when implementing a government mandated benefit. For example, how many folks getting free healthcare are required to give up their fast food diets? (and the resulting plague of Type II diabetes and heart problems). How many people getting free health care are required to stop smoking....cigs, crack..or to stop chomping Opioids? How many welfare queens are required to report to Planned Parenthood for neutering so we don't have to pay for their sex life? How many audits are performed to shake out the freeloaders who own big screen TV's, iPhones, expensive gaming systems and late model cars...yet can't seem to afford to pay their own health care premiums?

Note: Before any of you begin crying crocodile tears over those "23 million" who are set to lose their healthcare, read paragraph 2 cannot "lose" what you never had permanently in the first place. That was just Obama using this life experience as a doper....he knew well why the drug pushers always made a profit.


Jerry Carlin said...

This issue with Health Care is never looked at honestly in this Country by either Party.
It was never about protecting individual people or 23 million of them collectively. It will never be resolved until we define the problem and understand the consequences of proposed solutions.
Mostly the ACA and the Republican alternative are to Protect Hospitals. IF that is the problem, how are other ways to do this? and then, the Real Problem, and the Reason the USA is the Only Country in the Industrialized World to Not have Universal Health Coverage, is our Puritanical Background (read: "Visible Saints"). We just do not like poor people.

Jerry Carlin said...

ps. I ordered the book for you! will send it on when it arrives.

A Modest Scribler said...

Jerry, please don't spend your hard earned money on books for me. I cannot return the favor these days as my financials become a bit dicey. Re, healthcare in other countries, again I assert that most of those countries who have universal care are living under the U.S. defense umbrella and can direct the savings from that for other purposes. However, for me, it is a larger issue than that; extending another cradle to grave benefit simply, again, absolves those who receive free or heavily subsidized health care from assuming some degree of responsibility for their own health. One need only walk into a fast food joint and see food stamp cards being used to buy junk food, or watch a load of fat school kids wobbling off a school bus, to understand that concept. But the biggest sin is committed by our government bureaucratic masters as the system allows massive fraud, waste and abuse in those programs.

Jerry Carlin said...

I agree totally with your response. Especially other countries under our umbrella. So, how do we keep the Hospitals open? My job is going well, lots of work for this 70 year old 'retired'geezer! and the clients (I LOVE Rich People!!!) keep adding to it! You have such a deep Love of this Country and a great skill at telling its Stories, understanding our History.
and I will get a great thrill of gifting this book to you. It is not a pro and con book or taking a stand book, just a little more knowledge of how we got to be the way we are. The price of two Lattes, happy to do it!

A Modest Scribler said...

Well thank you for the lovely comments, and I will read what you send in my life long quest to understand our world. Have a great weekend.

TheRandyGuy said...
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A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, I did not remove your comments. I'm trying to figure out how they got removed. Stand by.