Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beware Kyrsten Sinema


We've got a freshman Democratic Congresswoman from Phoenix who just took her seat in Congress last January.  And Republicans had better watch out for her, cause she's going places.  I predict she'll serve her time in the House, then come back here and take John McCain's Senate seat when he comes up for re-election.  I don't think McCain's 30 percent popularity rate is going to get any better; he's played RINO long enough and the conservatives are tired of his prima donna act.

As a conservative I oppose Kyrsten Sinema in every position she's taken.  But I've watched her for years now and she is a very talented politician.  She started out as a state rep here in Arizona, representing a minority district so amenable to liberal politicians.  But I also saw her drive Republicans in the State House right up the wall with her probing questions on conservative legislation and she does it without the nastiness of a Pelosi or Wasserman Schwartz.   And I also saw her abilities to work with Republicans on their issues in order to get them to support her with some of her own priorities.

Sinema was just elected to Congress this past November and I watched each and every one of her campaign debates, and I was shocked to see a rare talent emerge.  She has the rare ability to turn her opponents anger back at them by responding with a focused and well thought out answer..and she dresses those responses with a charm and charisma you'll rarely see.  I've been following politics for 50 years and the only two pols I saw who had it were Reagan and John Kennedy.

You blog readers from outside Arizona, don't think for a minute you too won't hear about Kyrsten Sinema; she's already begun appearing on Meet The Press on Sunday mornings and she's being given some impressive committee seats in Congress as well.  

So look for her.  She'll charm John McCain, then steal his Senate seat from underneath him.  She'll charm all the Dems and just enough Republicans to win the Senate.  And she's every bit as well spoken as Hillary Clinton without the snarl and without the nastiness so look for her on a larger national stage as well.

Gripes my ass to have to worry about someone like Kyrsten Sinema but I do.  And mark my words fellow conservatives, she'll be throwing a little worry your way sometime in the future.


Ken said...

I've been asking myself and others this question for years now. Why can't conservatives find candidates like this? Have our universities become centers for indoctrination, operating so efficiently as to only turn out a liberal democrat?

Recently, Rand Paul put up a speech and Q&A from Howard University on You Tube. It was exactly what I have been begging for from the republicans. Someone to courageously and honestly carry the conservative message complete with our history, beliefs and mission. I see they didn't exploit that performance to their advantage much at all, as usual. I really thought I would hear a lot more about it than I did. It was just amazing though. At least I thought so. His audience was predominately black. I expected disrespectful outbursts to the point that he wouldn't be able to complete his speech, quite the opposite. There were only a couple short interruptions. The questions, with the exception of one, were well thought out queries really looking for information. He earned quickly the respect of the audience, and really delivered a great presentation. I think the students actually learned quite a bit from him. The republicans are really going to have to start fielding more candidates like Rand if they ever expect to stay alive. Nobody wants a "tell 'em what they want to hear" McCain type. We are all sick of that. Republicans are begging for conservative Republicans, that are interested in taking us in the direction that we started out going in the first place. I honestly think a whole lot of democrats could be swayed to give us a try as well if we could just deliver candidates that were more like Rand Paul. He was far from my first choice, too. After watching him bravely walk into a veritable snake pit, deliver a strong, knowledgeable presentation and respectfully and honestly answer all questions asked on a subject that is usually met with a very venomous attack, well I was convinced to change my mind on the man and give him a second look. I guess I had lumped him in with his nutty father. He is quite a bit different.

It has seemed for some time now like the republicans have decided to commit suicide every chance they get. I hope this changes and we start backing some honest, strong candidates. Our time is getting sooooo short, no time for playing games and experimenting.

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, the answer to your query is so complex. First of all, the liberals have a built in advantage; they have developed a "anything goes" platform. Any immoral act, any "upside down" government budget model works for them because neither their followers nor themselves ever stop to look at the costs. And they have bought off half the population with some form of government subsidy.

Republicans on the other hand have a substantial number of leaders who are brave enough to lay out the long term costs, declare immorality where they see it, and so alienate those who want the spending orgy to continue.

Ms Sinema is being hailed as one of the first openly gay candidate (she says she's bi-sexual but that meets the gaydom's litmus test) to be elected to Congress, she see's, or doesn't care about all the waste fraud and abuse in the government, she loves every big spending program that comes along. She meets all the qualifications of a big spending liberal.

But she is remarkably likable. When you finally see her in a public debate or discussion you'll see how magical she is; she always makes her Republican opponent look like an angry oaf.

As to Rand Paul, I just don't know yet. There seems to exist this "quiet desperation" among conservatives where they jump on the bandwagon for candidates who have not been forged in the fire of political debate yet. I like Rand Paul. I like Dr. Carson but neither are the gods the conservatives are making them out to be.

And sadly, we are learning that our "shining saviors" from the last campaign are now bowing to political pressures and have begun embracing gay marriage and amnesty...and it seems to be the only motivating factor has been the lust to keep their seat of power. How else does one explain their "moral imperative" issues that they have now forsaken in the name of political expediency?